TCA Knowledge Base

Insights into market microstructure, TCA and tcapy – Cuemacro’s FX TCA software

Cuemacro has been active in TCA space developing tcapy, a fully customisable Python library for doing transaction cost analysis. In this section we collect together Cuemacro’s thoughts about both our tcapy product and about TCA more generally, answering questions from how to do best execution to the lower level software engineering aspects of TCA. We’ve also included a section at the end with links to papers and resources on TCA and market microstucture by academics and industry practitioners, which you may find useful. If you have any questions about TCA or about our tcapy library, please contact Cuemacro.

General articles on TCA by Cuemacro

Software engineering aspects of TCA by Cuemacro

FX fixings and TCA by Cuemacro

TCA beyond FX spot by Cuemacro

Market microstructure & TCA by market practitioners and academics

Below we list a few resources, by market practitioners and academics in the area of market microstructure, order flow, transaction cost analysis and related subjects. We will be adding to this over time and please drop us a message, if there’s a paper you’d like us to add.