What do we offer?

Cuemacro runs workshops for firms wanting to take the plunge into Python, alternative data, and financial data science, as well as associated topics. We can run workshops for your firm either on site or over Zoom. We have run at our workshops at a number of large banks and pension funds, in the UK and across Europe. We have also offered our Python workshops as part of the Quantitative Developer Certificate run by WBS Training and Thalesians for individuals seeking to improve their coding skills. 

Saeed Amen: our lead trainer

Our lead trainer, Saeed Amen is also a visiting lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, and is the author of many popular Python based financial libraries such as:



Workshop descriptions

Here is a sample of some of the workshops we have run in the past, with a short description of each:


  • Python for finance
    • Learn Python from the ground up
    • Introduction to data libraries like pandas and numpy
    • How to download market data with Python and develop trading strategies
    • How to do event studies in Python and examine seasonality
    • Using Python to create Excel or web based dashboards
  • Python, alternative data, natural language processing and working with large datasets
    • Python crash course for data
    • How to work with alternative data for use in trading, including computer vision and natural language processing
    • How to speed up your Python code, and special techniques for working with large datasets


Next steps

If you’re interested in us running a workshop at your firm and would like full syllabuses for the above courses, please contact saeed@cuemacro.com